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The Chinese Connection

In recent years the Chinese economy has boomed with many of our everyday products now being manufactured there, and bathroom equipment is no exception. Many of the products in our showroom are made in China and this has in no way compromised quality or customer service.

I remember approximately five years ago asking the owner of a British manufacturer of shower enclosures if he was concerned about the influx of Chinese products. His answer was that although the shower enclosures were of good quality and price if felt that that the idea would die out because he felt that British importers would not be capable of keeping sufficient stocks and spare parts. This proved to be a very wrong assumption. The supply chain is very well organised from all aspects and this includes the product, development and all aspects of customer care.

It is a pity that British companies cannot compete which would help the employment situation in the UK but it is not going to happen in the near future so we simply have to accept that many of our products will be manufactured in China and other far eastern countries. The upside is we can have the same quality we would expect from a product manufactured here but at a more competitive price.

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