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4 piece bath set

The image below shows a four piece bath set which is a little unusual because there is a pull up hand-spray that is mounted on the bath or its surround. This type of fitting is very stylish, but there are a number of things to consider before you purchase; firstly, you will need a minimum of one bar pressure for it to function properly. Secondly, when the shower hose needs to be replaced you will need to access underneath the bath, which of course necessitates removing the bath panel and last the fitting that holds the handset is often not 100% watertight so if you have a wall mounted shower above the bath you may find water leaks through this fitting an on to the floor so this item needs careful consideration before purchasing. Finally, if you are wondering how to divert from filling the bath to operating the hand shower the diverter switch is built into the rear of the bath spout! There are many of these fittings available and expect to pay from 200.00 to 600.00.

Before leaving the topic of contemporary bathroom fittings we should include wall mounted mixers. These are available for both bath and basin and have the advantage of removing clutter from around the bath or basin, however do check with your installer before you consider this idea because it will mean more work and enough space in the wall to accommodate the fitting, in most cases you will need to allow about 8cm to recess the mixer.

5 piece bath set

Shown here is a five piece wall mounted bath set from the Pura range of fittings. There is also a matching wall mounted basin mixer and the option of deck mounted as an alternative. Wall mounted is not so typical in the this country but there is quite a large selection available, so if this style is of interest to you we will be happy to explain the options. A mixer set such as featured here will cost anything from 350.00 and installation will also be more expensive but the effect will be quite stunning!


If you find the above a little too unusual then you could also choose a more conventional wall mounted range. These will be a little less expensive and there is a large range to choose from. The example here is manufactured by Roca and happens to be one of my favourites!

Waterfall spout

Whilst on the subject of wall mounted fittings we can't finish without giving a little space to waterfall spouts! They tend to be quite angular and seem to go very well with plain rectangular baths. Featured here is an example from the Vado range, the spout measures 18cm long and the water just falls from it into the bath. We often sell this with a square shower fitting to regulate the flow and temperature of the water

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