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My toilet is overflowing do I need a plumber?

You may know that for the last ten years toilet suites have come equipped with a built-in overflow system, so now when a toilet overflows the water runs back into the pan and not through a pipe and onto your roof, or your neighbour's!

Should your wc overflow you may be able to solve the problem without calling a plumber.

First you need to ascertain if the overflow, water running into the pan, is caused by the inlet valve not shutting off, or water passing by the flush valve; you can check this simply by removing the lid and looking to see if the inlet valve (ball valve as it used to be called) is shutting off. If it is not then you may be able to solve the problem by isolating the valve and checking that the washer/diaphragm within is in good condition. Just remove it, wash it under running water and replace, turn the water on and that may well solve the problem.

If the water continues to run you will have to replace the washer/diaphragm. If the inlet valve is shutting off the problem is water running into the pan via the flush valve. Often the flush valve can be removed by simply unscrewing it from inside the cistern and once this has been done you should be able to remove the large flush valve seal located on the bottom. As with the inlet valve, wash the seal in running water, dry and refit - checking that no lime scale has accumulated on it. This may well solve the problem but if not, you can try removing the seal again and turning it upside down and refitting.

Should these remedies fail then you probably will need to call a plumber.

Can I purchase traditional sanitary ware at Cannadines?

If you have in mind a less contemporary bathroom than we also display classic sanitary ware and baths complete with traditional taps and mixers. Wc suites are available in high level options as well as low level and the basin can also be supported on a chrome stand as an alternative to a pedestal if desired.

This can be complemented with a roll top bath complete with ball and claw feet for that really traditional look.

We also display the Heritage Granley sanitary ware and matching bath if you are looking for an Art Deco bathroom.

Whilst we only display a limited range of Heritage bathroom equipment we are very happy to supply the complete range and at very competitive prices, so please do telephone on 01273 607681 or email us for a quote.

If you do not want a contemporary bathroom but find the high level wc with matching basin just too traditional then we might have just the range for you. The Burlington range is classically traditional, which means it will not go out of fashion because it was never truly in! This is a copy of a range of sanitary ware that was manufactured by Trent Bathrooms in The Potteries until the 1990s. It is now produced in China and imported to England and sold at very reasonable prices. This is a range where the wc suite is available with a traditional lever to flush the wc or contemporary push button; we display it with the push button and, interestingly, most of our customers think it looks great!

Although this range is also sold by what is probably the largest retailer of bathroom equipment in the UK I am pleased to say we can compete with them on price, so yet another reason to call in to our showroom, email or telephone us on 01273 607681 for a quote.

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