Baths, like people, are not all the same shape or size!

When choosing, take into account space available and how it will be used; is it intended for just bathing or will it also be used as a shower?

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Free Standing Baths

Free Standing bath

If you have a large bathroom you may consider installing a free standing bath to make a real feature. They certainly can look stunning and can now be purchased from as little as 425.00 inc VAT but there are a few considerations to make before you purchase.

First look at the space available. You may be disappointed if the bath is installed in a confined area - i.e. with walls too close to each end. A typical contemporary or traditional freestanding bath should ideally be situated so that the panel or underside can be easily be cleaned. There are other points to consider, firstly the taps and secondly the position of the waste. Should the bath be installed in the centre of the room, as in the image shown, your installer must ensure that the waste can be concealed under the floor. The same goes for the hot and cold supply pipes. With the type of bath shown the supply pipes are in full view so the mixer needs to be on chrome stand pipes. If the floor is wood than it should present no problem but it would be far more difficult if the joists run the wrong way or, of course, if the floor is concrete.

Free Standing bath

I have often seen this type of bath put against the wall, however this may not be a good idea because in time the seal between the bath and the wall may crack, leaving a small but unsightly gap - this is something to be discussed with your installer. With one or two exceptions these baths are made out of acrylic, usually the term used is "double skinned," meaning that there are two layers of acrylic with a layer of resin in between which provides additional strength and also good insulating properties. We currently display two contemporary free standing baths in our showroom and during opening hours two traditional models outside. We also sell traditional roll top baths with ball and claw feet and in addition slipper baths for that real nostalgic feel.

Free Standing bath Free Standing bath

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