Baths, like people, are not all the same shape or size!

When choosing, take into account space available and how it will be used; is it intended for just bathing or will it also be used as a shower?

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Quadrant shower enclosures

Shower enclosure

Over forty per cent of the shower enclosures we sell are of quadrant shape, with many people opting for the 90cm version which is large enough for most people's needs. We display three 90cm examples in our showrooms ranging in price from 375.00 to 875.00 complete with shower tray and waste.

We also currently display an 80cm option for the more confined area. Most quadrants are equipped with two sliding doors which are very practical in tight spaces, however there are options with a single sliding door installed on either the left or right side and also hinged door quadrants as an alternative if space allows.

Another very popular size of quadrant is 120x90cm and we have two examples of this size in our showrooms. Please remember that if you cannot see what you are looking when you visit us we do have another showroom so please ask.

The price of a quadrant enclosure and tray can vary tremendously and if you shop around you will see these products on sale for as little as 275.00 complete with tray, however the quality does vary and it makes no sense just to purchase the cheapest on offer. At Cannadines we have spent a good deal of time searching for the best shower quadrants available and feel whilst ours are not the cheapest they are the best value for money. We take into account the build quality of the enclosure, including how easy it is to assemble. With sliding doors options we also look carefully at the running mechanism, and the quality of the roller system. Our quadrants run very smoothly - one of the reasons being that even with our entry level products the sliding doors are suspended on double wheels and not single as used on many cheaper products. We also evaluate the company itself which includes customer service and the very important stock holding regarding spares.

Shower enclosure Shower enclosure

What next?

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