Baths, like people, are not all the same shape or size!

When choosing, take into account space available and how it will be used; is it intended for just bathing or will it also be used as a shower?

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Reinforced Acrylic Baths

Reinforced Acrylic Baths

The majority of acrylic baths sold are formed from 5mm sheet and this is satisfactory for most baths, but if you desire an acrylic bath that is totally rigid then you may wish to opt for a more sturdy alternative. In the past the only other choice available was an 8mm option which was generally thought to be considerably more rigid than its 5mm equivalent, but this was not the case because when we refer to the thickness of an acrylic bath it is measured in sheet form and not the finished product.

To form a bath the acrylic is heated and then stretched, so as a result the only part of a bath that remains the original thickness of the acrylic sheet will be the edges where the panel is fitted, the rest will be much thinner, especially the area around the waste hole and all curved areas. By way of a better explanation, below is a very brief description of how an acrylic bath is manufactured.

Reinforced Acrylic Baths

First the acrylic sheet is heated in an oven to become soft and malleable; it is then clamped onto a frame. An aluminium bath-shaped tool is pushed into the acrylic and using a vacuum method the air is removed and the bath shape is created. As the acrylic bath is formed it gradually becomes thinner, especially on the curved parts. A wooden baseboard is attached to the bottom of the bath and the whole underside is coated with glass fibre for additional strength. This is important because if it wasn't fitted, a 5mm bath would only be about 2mm at its thinnest part and it would only be marginally thicker if the sheet had been 8mm thick.

How does Carronite work?

This is the reason that a new method of acrylic bath construction was conceived by the manufacturers. With products such as Trojan Cast, Carronite and various others the bath is formed in 5mm acrylic but instead of fitting a baseboard to the bottom of the bath and covering with glass fibre, a high technology reinforcement material is bonded to the acrylic which considerably increases the thickness of the bath and improves rigidity to the extent it will be much the same as steel. Each manufacturer has a slightly different method and the Carronite bath uses a reinforced cradle mechanism to further enhance the process. With a bath manufactured to the above standards, even with two people bathing at the same time and the additional weight of the water you can be assured that there will be minimum settlement. Many of the baths displayed in our showroom are available in reinforced acrylic and we will be pleased to go into more detail when you visit us.

Thickness of competitor's baths

We are living in a very competitive age and we are sometimes asked why baths sold in the DIY outlets seem so cheap. Sometimes it could be a genuine special offer but do check that you are getting value for your money. It could be that the bath is less than 5mm thick, which is fine if there is sufficient glass fibre under the bath to compensate for using thinner acrylic, and the other way of cost cutting is not to encapsulate the underside of the bath. This means that when you look at the underside you will see the wooden base board, with an encapsulated bath it will be concealed under the glass fibre. If the bath is not encapsulated there is a possibility that in time the base board may become unattached and if that occurs that it is very likely that the bath will crack. Armed with the above information you should now be in a better position to make an informed choice on which bath to choose, and of course we hope your choice will be from Cannadines!

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