Baths, like people, are not all the same shape or size!

When choosing, take into account space available and how it will be used; is it intended for just bathing or will it also be used as a shower?

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Shower Baths

Typical shower bath

Owing to space issues bathroom choice is often about compromise and if you do not have space for a shower enclosure and a bath for many people the answer is to combine the two in a shower bath.

There are many to choose from and you should expect to pay from 650.00 for the bath, front panel and shower screen. At the time of writing this article there are some very good deals available so please telephone on 01273 607681 for details. The most typical size for a shower bath is 170x90cm which will give you a wide area to stand in and a generous bath size. The screen will not stop all the water when showering but will suit most needs. Featured here is the now fashionable rectangular look. A bath like this in standard acrylic complete with panel and shower screen will cost from 750.00. The conventional shape shower bath, often known as the P shape, is also available in 150x80cm for confined spaces, remember to check the overall height of your bathroom; the shower screens have over the years increased in height so better be safe than sorry!

One last point, some of these shower baths are supplied with tap holes in the centre of the long side. This is acceptable but if the spout of the mixer is too long you may find you walk into in when showering. The alternative would be to wall mount the bath mixer below the shower valve or, if plumbing permits, you could fill the bath via the overflow - it is important to know all options before you purchase.

Betteset shower bath

As many people prefer showers nowadays it would be good to mention another form of shower bath, which whilst not as popular as the P shape bath, is worth consideration, especially if you wish to avoid splashing when showering. The bath featured is 170x75cm and as you can see features a large flat area to stand in. This type of bath is available in acrylic or steel and can be used with a straight shower screen or even a shower curtain. The advantage of a curtain is that if the bath is not installed wall to wall you can ensure that all the water stays in the bath when showering, unlike when a screen is used. You may prefer a larger shower screen and some of the double options extend as much as 1200mm long and as high as 1500mm, unless you intend to use a very powerful shower above your bath this size will keep splashing to a minimum. We display two examples of the double screens in our showroom which would be suitable for this or any other straight edged bath.

What next?

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