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Shower enclosure

In our showrooms we have a selection of seventeen different shower doors or enclosures for you to view. This includes five different shape and size quadrants, hinged and pivot doors, walk-in enclosures, and for those confined spaces, in-swing, bifold and sliding options. We sell many of the leading makes including Simpson's, Lakes, Kudos, Matki, Merlyn, and many others. We have pivot doors on display from as little as 200.00 up to 650.00 for a hinged 8mm door with grey tinted glass. You will also find shower doors suitable for confined spaces including typical bifold options and an inward opening door.

With the wide choice we offer at Cannadines we're confident we can cover almost every design and budget. We carry many items from stock and have various offers available; we look forward to your visit or call us on 01273 60781 for more information.

Some considerations

If you have just started your search for an enclosure you may be confused by the choice available and the difference in price. We will be happy to help you get a clearer idea of what is most suitable for your bathroom and of course your budget. We have over 50 different sizes of shower trays available and doors and side panels to suit just about any shape and size of room.

Remember to check you have sufficient height for your enclosure (including the tray) before you make your final decision; this can vary between 185cm and 220cm.

One last piece of advice is to check with your installer that he is aware of the correct places to put the sealant after finishing the installation. As a rule this should not be applied to the inside of the enclosure and if so, only on the profile parts recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to seal the shower enclosure correctly will mean that in time water will leak through the profiles onto the floor. The water in the profiles needs to run back into the enclosure and this cannot happen if the enclosure is not sealed in conjunction with the manufacturers' recommendations.

Shower trays

Your shower tray can be as little as 3.5cm high which allows ease of access and enhances the appearance.

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Shower seats

We are selling more and more shower seats with our shower enclosures and if you spare it a thought they can be very practical.

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Quadrant shower enclosures

Over fifty percent of the shower enclosures we sell are of quadrant shape, with many people opting for the 90cm version which suits most people's needs.

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Sliding shower doors

The most popular size of sliding shower door is 120cm but they are available from as long as 170cm ...

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Glass thickness

6mm or 8mm Glass?

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Easy Clean Glass

Many of the shower enclosures are now available with easy clean glass which really does make the cleaning of it far less arduous and time consuming.

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What next?

For expert advice on your choice of Shower and the other things you will need to consider, call us on 01273 607681 or complete our online form and we will call you back.

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