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Visit our showroom in Brighton and explore our range of baths, showers, shower enclosures and sanitary ware.

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Visiting our showroom

Visiting our showroom is time very well spent. If you're happy to browse you may do so freely without constant interruption but if and when you do need assistance we are here to help so don't be afraid to ask.

Whilst we aren't currently able to offer a full design service we are able to assist in every other way to ensure you are able to make the most of the space available in your bathroom.

Planning your bathroom design

It can be very easy to make a mistake when planning your bathroom design.

I was recently involved in planning a shower room that needed an enclosure with a hinged door, and on the opposite wall a run of bathroom furniture with an inset basin. Because of space constraints we had to use furniture that was 20cm deep to ensure that when the shower door opened it would not collide with the basin on the wall opposite. Our customer left our showroom with a quote and a layout that would work well, but the next day I took a call from their installer who believed that 30cm furniture would be a better option because of the extra storage space it would afford. Unfortunately he did not take into account the projection of the hinged door the customer needed.

After my explanation he did take our advice and as a result the customer was able to have the bathroom they wanted, and needed, but with enough space for the shower door to open without colliding with the basin.

Although this may sound obvious, you would be surprised at the basic errors that can be made when fitting a bathroom and one of the most common mistakes is to believe there is more space than is actually available.

With the above in mind it is always best to measure the room and put the dimensions on a piece of graph paper or in a suitable computer program, then add immovable objects such as doors, windows, radiators and the position of the soil pipe.

Many bathrooms are small, leaving little or no scope to change the position of anything, but one can still make the best use of available space. This may result in putting a shower above the bath and using a screen or curtain to reduce splashing, or perhaps using a vanity unit instead of basin and pedestal to provide extra storage. Of course you may be a little bolder and dispense of the bath entirely in favour of a shower enclosure, or if your budget permits you may consider a wet room, however this is not without pitfalls so if any of the above is of interest please do call contact us by telephone on 01273 607681 or email us for additional advice.

Products to view in our showroom

In our bathroom showroom you will find a large selection of different makes of bathroom equipment, seventeen different shower doors/enclosures from Europe and the Far East, and a large range of bathroom furniture - fitted and free standing. You will also see a large range of heated towel rails that can run off your central heating or can be fluid filled and heated by electricity.

Twenty years experience

Because of our vast experience we can advise with knowledge about other quality product ranges not on display in the showroom that we have sold previously. We have a good selection of baths in steel and acrylic, including two spectacular free standing baths and two dedicated shower baths complete with screens.

There is also a working whirlpool bath demonstrating Jacuzzi and eyeball jets plus an air system These options can be fitted to most baths. Also plumbed in is a bath overflow filler so you can avoid taps of any description fitted to your bath - visit our showroom and ask to see it working.

Because of our basement storage facility we can also show you many other items we may have in stock awaiting delivery for customers. If we have a bath in our store you want to view than we'll take you to it and you can slip off your shoes and try it out for size. Don't be shy, this often happens!

Our showroom is only an extension of a bathroom catalogue but because of our experience and knowledge we can take it a step further, for instance there are baths that are horribly uncomfortable or very small inside (we know which ones, or at least most of them) and will point them out.

Quality bathrooms


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Quality bathrooms

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