Baths, like people, are not all the same shape or size!

When choosing, take into account space available and how it will be used; is it intended for just bathing or will it also be used as a shower?

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Sliding shower doors

Shower enclosure

The most popular size of sliding shower door is 120cm and you will see at least one example of this size displayed in our showroom. Straight sliding doors are available from 100 to 170cm; however the smallest option is not popular because the opening is quite small. On average with this size of door, when fully open, the space to walk through will be no wider than 36cm. If you consider this too small and assuming you do not have space for a pivot door you will need to consider a bifold or inswing door which will open into the enclosure and give a much larger opening.

There are also square shower trays which can accommodate sliding doors, the most typical size being 90cm. With this style of enclosure one enters via the corner, opening the two sliding doors. This style of enclosure tends to work well with large square shower trays if there is a space concern caused by using a hinged or pivot door. A 90cm square shower will give a larger shower area than the same size quadrants so do bear this in mind if you are concerned about the internal space.

The running gear on a straight slider shower door is, in most instances, the same as on a quadrant enclosure so there are the same plus and minus points to look out for. As with many quadrant sliding doors the running gear on the bottom of the door unclips so the door can be removed from the runner to allow for easy cleaning.

Probably the latest design in sliding doors is the "Architectural Design," this is where the rollers at the top of the door are exposed to make a feature of the working parts. If you are unfamiliar with this design look at the Central range of enclosures by Simpson's or the Merlyn 10series.

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