Baths, like people, are not all the same shape or size!

When choosing, take into account space available and how it will be used; is it intended for just bathing or will it also be used as a shower?

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Steel Baths

As already stated, for many people the bath is an afterthought, but we are not all the same and although in this country cast iron baths are rarely sold because they are incredibly heavy and the enamel finish is rather uneven, steel baths are as popular as ever for those of you that desire a bath of traditional quality and feel. The advantage of a steel bath is the beautiful enamel finish, which, whilst it might not last you a lifetime, with a little care will give twenty plus years of excellent service.

You will find that steel baths are generally available in two different gauges, collectively they are known as standard and super steel. The thickness or gauge of the steel will be between 2 millimetres for standard baths to three and a half millimetres for the super steel option. The enamel finish, which consists of natural materials such as glass, quartz and other raw materials, is very tough because it is baked onto the steel at a temperature of close to 850 degrees centigrade for the ultimate durable finish.

Carla twin grip bath

Featured here is the Carla twin grip bath (see image right) which is manufactured in standard gauge steel and costs 165.00 inc. vat. This bath is also available with an optional extra anti-slip finish on the bottom to afford better grip when showering.

Bette Starlet - Steel bath

In this image we see a typical double ended bath (see image right) which is available in many sizes, including the popular 170x75cm and also the larger option 180x80cm. The bath featured is the Bette starlet which has a very generous bathing area but like many steel baths is not suitable for tap holes so the bath will need to be filled via the overflow or from a wall mounted mixer.

One of the advantages of purchasing a Bette steel bath is that the factory offer custom accessories, so if you would like an anti-slip finish on the bottom of the bath or even hand grips this can be carried out at the factory in Germany. As a rule, delivery on non-standard items is approximately four weeks but with the summer shut down this could be doubled so do allow sufficient time for factory orders.

Many of our customers are under the impression that a steel bath is cold and will reduce the temperature of the water considerably quicker than the acrylic equivalent. This is not the case, but but if you want a long lazy soak in a steel bath without resorting to constantly topping up with hot water, you need to insulate the bath by starting the filling process with hot water and then introducing the cold. This way you will ensure the bath water will stay hot for sufficient time for you to relax and unwind without needing additional hot water.

Steel baths are almost indestructible and unlike some acrylic baths, even with the weight of water and two people there will be no settlement. If you like the idea of a bath built to last twenty plus years of hard wear then this could be the material for you. There are almost no disadvantages other than some models not being available with tap holes and your installer will need a little more time to fit. Lastly steel is not to be confused with cast iron; they are not very popular now because of the very high price and lack of choice but if you are interested in cast iron then please call us and we will be happy to discuss the various options available.

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